Come back Paddy Reilly

The Garden of Eden has vanished they say.
But I know the lie of it sitll.
Just turn to the left at the bridge of Finea,
And stop when half way to Coote Hill.
'Tis there I will find it I know sure enough.
When fortune has come to my call.
Oh, the grass it is green around Ballyjamesduff
And the blue sky is over it all!
And tones that are tender, and tones that are gruff.
Are whispering over the sea:
"Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff.
Come home Paddy Reilly to me."

My mother once told me that when I was born.
The day that I first saw the light.
I looked down the street on that very first morn
And gave a great crow of delight.
Now most new-born babies appear in a huff
And start with a sorrowful squall,
But I know I was born in Ballyjamesduff
And that's why I smile on them all!
The baby's a man now, he's toil-worn and tough.
Still, whispers come over the sea.
"Come back, Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff.
Come home Paddy Reilly to me."

The night that we danced by the light o' the moon.
Wid Phil to the fore wid his flute.
When Phil threw his lip over "Come again soon",
He'd dance the foot out o' yer boot
The day that I took long Magee by the scruff,
For slanderin' Rosie Kilrain;
The marchin' him straight out of Ballyjamesduff,
Assisted him into a drain.
Oh, sweet are me dreams as the dudéen I puff,
Of whisperings over the sea.
"Come back, Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff.
Come home, Paddy Reilly, to me"

I've loved the young weemen of every land,
That always came easy to me.
Jus barrin' the belles of the Blackamore brand,
And chocolate shapes of Feegee,
But that sort of stuff is a moon-shining stuff,
And never will addle me brain;
For bells will be ringin' in Ballyjamesduff
For me and me Rosie Kilrain.
And all through their glamour, their gas and their guff,
A whisper comes over the sea,
"Come back, Paddy Reilly, to Ballyjamesduff,
Come home, Paddy Reilly, to me."

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